About the turbulent struggle between father and son. A minimalist epic.

The turbulent struggle between father and son. A minimalist epic.

STEPS originated from the beautiful song EVANESCENT by composer Martin Fondse to which I started doing some animation exercises, working directly inside the 3D computer software. To my surprise a little story formed. With a big heart.

I created this little film because I enjoy the process of animation hands on. For bigger film projects I spend my time doing anything but animation, outsourcing most of the work to other animators. I plan on doing more of these 'super shorts', in different styles and techniques. In fact, I am currently working on an interesting little project which I animate in total darkness: Blindfoldimation..? Trust me, you are not going to believe your eyes!

Recent festival screenings for STEPS:

ANNY: Animation Nights New York, USA (August 2017)
Queen City Shorts, Canada (June 2017)
Fest Anca, Slovakia (June - July 2017)
Golden Kuker Sofia, Bulgaria (May 2017)
Athens Animfest, Greece (March 2017)

release date: January 2017
technique: CGI animation
duration: 1 minutes 22 seconds 
director, animator: Erik van Schaaik
producer: Anita van Dalen
music: Martin Fondse 
Evanescent, Ere Ibeji, Martin Fondse Oktemble, BV Haast, 1-9-2001
sound design: Rinus Aarts (Speakerfood Music & Sound)
software: Blender

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