Digital puppet design

Oh boy! Smiley is going to be a big, bad boy. And I created this character entirely in Blender 3D animation software. 

I love Blender. It lets me sketch, sculpt, model, animate, texture, 3D print...wait, there's basically nothing that I can't do with Blender! I 'm not kidding. Just now, I was just scratching the surface. For you can also do video editing in Blender, compositing, motion tracking, create fire, smoke, water and cloth simulations... I'm still scratching away here...

Wanna know what makes me smile? Blender!

And after a whole lot of Blendin' I love me a swim, preferrably in Leandro Erlich's Swimming Pool in museum Voorlinden. Or in the sea. Ah, The Hague... Makes me smile big time!