The Smile songs

I composed three songs for The Smile, and you can play them on every audio streaming service imaginable! Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, Shazam, you name it!

That's What Makes Me Smile is some crazy-ass jazz-mayhem reminiscent of Fats Waller. Ready for a blowout? This is it!

The Smile –the title song obviously– is a butter-smooth ballad. Yes, it's very much Chaplin-ish and I tried my best to croon like Cole, but it is also a fresh melody put to an outrageous story.

And finally, we have No Animals Were Harmed. Rockabilly time! I love the slap base on this one. It is impossible to sit still during this credits song!

I had a ball recording with Rinus Aarts (music producer and sound designer for the movie). 

Björn van den Boom (drums)
Constantijn van der Heijden (contra bass)
Clemens Horn (grand piano)
Tessa Zoutendijk (violin, viola)
Mariette Freijzer (cello)
Magic Berry (blues harp)
Ietje van den Berg (backing vocals)
Lilian van den Berg (backing vocals)
Raoul Soentken (recording)
Jaap Berends (recording)
Rinus Aarts (recording, mixing, producing, synthesizers, backing vocals)
Erik van Schaaik (music, lyrics, lead vocals, guitars, piano, bass guitar)