Under The Apple Tree

Under The Apple Tree: Stop motion animation horror comedy
Under The Apple Tree

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A deceased farmer is buried by his hated brother, the vicar. Worms inhabit the corpse, discovering they’ve full control over it. The dead farmer awakens...

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Awards: Golden Calf award for Best Short Film and Festival Favorite at the Netherlands Film Festival 2015 (NL). Best Animated Short at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Animated Fantasy at the Dragon Con Film Festival 2016 in Atlanta (USA). Best Professional Film at Festival Stop Motion 2016 in Montréal (CA). Best Short at Eerie Horror Filmfest 2016 in Eerie (USA). Best Director at Eerie Horror Filmfest 2016 in Eerie (USA). Best Short NYC Horror Film Festival 2016 in New York (USA). Best Stop Animated Short Film at South African Horrorfest 2016 in Cape Town, (SA). Third prize Animfest Athens 2016 (GR). First prize at Animation Marathon 2016 in Romanso, Athens (GR). Best Horror U-Horror Fest, Los Angeles, (USA). A Wildcard (audience award) at Hellfire 2017, Folkstone (UK). Best Short and Best Feature at British Animation Film Festival BAFF, London (UK). Melies d'Argent for best European fantastic short film at Grossmann fantastic film & wine festival (SLV). Nominated for the Dutch Directors Guild Award 2016 (NL).

One of the most well-crafted stop-motion films we’ve seen. Deeply funny. (Skwigly Animation Magazine)
Griezelig, geestig en met grote liefde voor het horrorgenre gemaakt. (Trouw)
Imagine the Gruffalo with Zombies. (Grimm Up North)
The excellently told story is peppered with morbid humor, its archaic English voice-overs entirely in rhyme. (Netherlands Film Festival)
Quality storytelling, originality and personality of characters, great animation performance. (Festival Stop Motion Montréal)
A film worth freezing for. (Anchorage International Film Festival, Alaska, USA)
18 minutes of macabre delight, this short should be every child’s first horror experience (The Ink And Code)
A brilliant stop-animated short giving a new spin on the zombie theme. (South African Horrorfest)
The attention to detail throughout the film is exquisite, it’s beautifully crafted and the story is brilliant and ingenious (…) I would love to see Under The Apple Tree developed into a feature film. (Atomic Age Renegades)
Quality, humor and exuberance. (Melies.org)

If you're interested in how this movie was made, have a look at the production diary. A collection of funny little making-ofs that Erik created with his cell phone. 

release date: September 2015
technique: Stop-motion animation
duration: 18 minutes 25 seconds 
writer, director, editor: Erik van Schaaik
based on the book by Erik van Schaaik
producers: Peter Mansfelt, Paul Mathot (Pedri Animation BV)
executive producers: Thomas Hietbrink, Anita van Dalen, Koen Vermaanen
co-producers: Erik van Schaaik Productions, Beast Animation, Dutch Light Films
voices - Tim Gunther, Claire King
music: Miguel Boelens
compositing, grading, visual effects - Gatze Zonneveld (RocknRoll Animation)
sound design, surround mix - Rinus Aarts (Speakerfood Music & Sound)
surround mastering - Jeroen Nadorp (Bob Kommer Studio’s)
funding: Netherlands Film Fund, Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Productiefonds Oost Nederland, Crowdfunders from Cinecrowd

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